It’s a pretty basic rule that choral music gets really tricky if you go beyond 8 parts. There is a great line in the text, “There is a morning inside you waiting to burst open into light” where I have the chance to burst open into 8 part chords. The chords I am exploring are complex polytonal (two different chords at the same time) 8 part chords. They aren’t all polytonal chords, it’s about half of them.

Following the will of 8 part unusual chords is tough, but if I go melody driven it works out. I’m doubling the tune soprano and alto an octave lower; this gives enough power to the tune that it shines through the megachords. I’ve never done this before; making a chain of 8 part non typical chords but I like it. It is exhausting keeping track of so many notes. Capturing this specifically and writing it down is going to be hard. But I think the effect will be great. And to set it up I do a measure of unison on the octave so that the contrast is maximized; that seems like a good trick here.

I can only work on this for a few minutes at a time before my brain fries. But I’ll get it.