I tried today to get my improv for Do Not Stand to repeat itself because I thought it was a good model and I couldn’t get this to work at all. Irritation!

At first I tried it today a cappella; then when I remembered I was going to try piano and choir things got much better. There is a texture / structure of low piano octaves moves, choir moves, low octaves, choir moves that I developed in college and never used in a piece that I shared with anyone. I think I can steal that from myself and use it hear. The piano liberates the choir quite a bit and I was finding I could be more “abstract” for lack of a better word and come up with moves that are more creative and less cliche. I don’t want a piece that sounds generic pretty.

Piano also pulls me %100 away from the version of the setting I know, and that’s very important too.

Tomorrow I’m going to see if I can put more time in. Today I was a bit musiced out because yesterday night I did four hours of post production on an orchestral piece we recorded a few weeks ago. That used up a lot of fuel. But today I still got some time on composing and got some time on a huge batch of conducting prep I have to complete for for the next Composer’s Choir recording which will be April 15th.