Before I mentioned a texture where I would have ancient chant, as best as I can do it, and have plaining chords below. I’ve ben wrestling with this on the piano and I am ending up with aimlessness. Not good! I think I shouldn’t try to write the tune and harmonize at the same time, which is what I have been trying to do.

I’ve got to go back to listening and writing more pure chant; get that settled and I just focus on that being compelling and then see what happens when I add more voices. This might turn polyphonic but might not. In the chant I have been hearing the few that do have more than one voice are in lock step – equal rhythm all around. There is a possibility that this might be a cursed seed. I’ll still work on it for a while but I don’t pledge my life on the fact that I am going to write this. There may be a good reason I’ve never heard this in modern music; it might be a failing task. But that makes it an exciting challenge.

I’ll give it a few more days. Late this week I’m going on vacation for about a week in Chicago, so I’ll say that I have from now until then to get this rolling. If it isn’t rolling before then I’ll abandon this for now and write something different. I can always try again later. Again, the situation is that I want to be writing. This early in the game after a few years of writing nothing I might need to stay within easier writing tasks. We shall see.