I’ve been preoccupied with my composing because I have been waiting for Be Still to be turned into a real music, in this case a real recording. I think yesterday we got it. I don’t get the tracks for another day or two but then I’ll see if I have it for real.

The bass line is very low so there was a gig in April where we had our two lowest basses together and I just recorded the low bass line with the two of them slavishly at quarter = 75, then yesterday I did the whole piece with quarter = 75 and I’m going to mesh the two together. I think it’ll work. Then I’ll do something like make a youtube with a link and post that link here. There might be something more elegant but that’s the worst case scenario.

My Do Not Stand is planted but I need to grow it. I think at this point it is going to be a fast write because I have a clear idea of the language it’s going to be in. It’s another medium slow piece, but I’ll live with that, and it is distinctly different than Be Still, which is good.

I’m thinking of this project I was attempting with the Hildegard chants. It was SO hard. I stopped going after that when I heard a mass online, I forget whose, that was doing exactly what I was trying to do. It was a mass clearly based, very closely, on ancient chants. Chants like Hildegard. So that means I wouldn’t be breaking any new ground. It was a good piece. I think antiphonal also.

With luck I’ll have Be Still up ion a few days. Then I’m going to be very busy doing a huge amount of post production that might occupy me for an other 2-3 weeks. But now I”ll have this new recording of Be Still urging me to get Do Not Stand actualized.