Be Still and Know that I am God is written out. This means I am basically done.

By now I see that most of my initial plans have morphed. They are still in there but not the way I first expected. For example, this piece went from being very clustery to only a little clustery. Also I thought it had to end on A minor and it ends on C major but that still feels like home because of the F naturals that replaced the F#’s.

I was looking through other pieces I have written and realized that I’ve written a lot of music! And I respect what I have written, even the pieces that were cut short because I didn’t like them are OK. I have a lot of composer in me. I think it’s important that I write.

Now that this is done it’s time for me to start something else. I need writing to be built into my days as a regular habit like brushing my teeth. I have no idea what to write next except maybe go for the group of short pieces, a suite, and Be Still and Know that I am God can be the first piece. I might do that. I could also try a piano piece. Or maybe a piece for choir and organ. This I just don’t know yet and figuring this out is the next step.

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