This is proving to me that writing a good chant is a type of masterpiece that might require the same or more amount of musicality that significantly more complex pieces. It’s very hard, so far, so make even one convincing chant line.

Also, if i do go chant style I need a much longer text. I noticed that sometimes chants will say something like “repeat alleluia” but in general you don’t repeat text which is what I am forced to so if I still to so few words.

Organum is proving to be very useful. And pedal tones. But this is way to the side of what I normally do. I could cheat and use an existing chant and modify it with harmonies and altered rhythm. But for right now I want to keep my hands writing chant and see if I have a breakthrough.

This all is profoundly more involved with prep than anything else I have written ever, and that makes me both curious and concerned. We shall see what unfolds. It’s very good exercise for me as a composer, and for the time being that is the main goal. So whatever it does will be a win in this dimention.