I tried composing my 20 minutes first thing this morning. About 20 minutes after coffee.

This turned out pretty well. I”d say I am about where I was yesterday but a few more ideas are becoming more concrete. BUt what I have now is a little too much C#. I ought to move into other keys I think – I get C# fatigue. THe most obvious place to go would be G#, a crazy key that I don’t know if I’ve ever done G# (or seen it) although A flat is the same notes, commonly used, and might be the move to make.

I’m also trying to keep my focus going by saying my time to composer is 20 minutes total – no more no less. SO I am not allowed to composer any more today unless I’m taken over by a muse and then all rules are gone.

So it’s about the same as yesterday but a touch more defined with some harmonic language – BUT I’ve got to get out of harmonies and onto melody. I don’t want to write a chord progression; I think I’ve mentioned that before regarding other pieces.

Soon I may move to two 20 minute times a day. But probably not today.