I had some progress yesterday, I think this is going to be pretty natural to write. What I’m doing now is laying around with plaining chords and having the women’s part be exactly the same as the men’s part, just an octave higher. It makes a cool effect, and it’ll be easier to learn and therefore sing. And also sound better.

I don’t know why I haven’t seen this texture before. It’s so obvious. It’s probably common but I’ve never seen it. But it can’t be that common, because I’ve never seen it.

Then there is the piano part – which I think is mostly going to be low notes. Maybe I can do something like Part Beatitudes and have the piano just left hand bass line and not doing anything in the right hand where the voices are. It’s effective in Beatitudes – I think I’ll play around with that. So, super easy piano part. Just the low octaves and leave the register where the choir is singing alone. But ultimately I don’t know what to write for the piano – I’m going to have to play around with things and see what the piano can do.

Idea – I should have some suspensions in these chords – I think those would sound particularly powerful and give some crunchiness, and it will mix up what could be a structure that is too tight and lacks freshness. The piano can help with variety within the piece also. I just have to actually write it.