There are a few very short passages from Hildegard that I hear where there is polyphonic chant. I mean a few – like 20 seconds. I’m wondering if I should check out some organum. That’s where you take a chant and do parallel fifths or the like. This could be part of how i get the fire section. That’s just a thought, not a plan.

It occurs to me that the Hildegard chants are in the public domain and then some. I could start by using one of her chants note for note with Rumi words. These chants have so many long long melismas that I can probably fit any number of short text lines to them. IF I start with one of hers that would probably all but guarantee a successful seed.

Maybe I’ll try a draft with other text. Maybe other Rumi text. I bet I won’t know what I”m doing for the first few hours of trying this, so I might hold off on getting the real words set until I have some practice. This is the first time I’ve done research or practice so I’m hoping I can outdo my normal writing.