I was having trouble keeping the piece fresh but now I went into a contrapuntal section, not exactly a fugue but not far away, and it hits the spot. I”m not sure if in the last sentence I should start imitative and then come together for fire, or if I should go back to the opening texture right when I start doing this last sentence. Maybe I could do something different than either like a unison tune. OR I can have a section that is imitative but only half so, imitative with many moments of coming together. I also figure I might want to go back up to the original D octave for the ostinato. That won’t be hard. Or I could take the ostinato and play with that more. I have four measures where it goes up to Eb and that works well.

So I”m pretty close to having a rough draft of the whole piece. I like what I hear so far but there are some seconds here and there that fall flat and need more action. This means more movement and more dissonance I think. And there are other areas where maybe the piece needs to breath with some more rests of all voice parts. It’s still fairly monolithic and I might want to change that.

I am writing!