Rumi is great. These are short texts but I think I can get something out of them. MaybeI can use two but they ought to relate to each other somehow if they are in a one movement piece. I”m going to keep looking for quotes ands see if I can find a longer one. And these quotes might be quotes from larger portions of writing, but when I google them I don’t see larger chunks of writing show up. At least not yet!

Maybe I can find someone who is an expert on Rumi and talk with them. That would be leaps and bounds better than hunting in the dark. I’ll think on this and see what I can come up with. I have a family friend who isa great poet. She might have some ideas or know someone.

Or I can just google.

Here I find Mr.Coleman Barks – he has his own site and is an expert on Rumi. He has a contact form that isn’t working for me but he also has two phone numbers. So he’ll be getting a call or two from me!