My piece is a bit aimless. I had been thinking that I can fix it by dressing up certain things and circumnavigating certain problems, but I think now that this piece needs to go into the recycle bin and started over maybe using some of the same elements and material, or not.

I made a mistake – I didn’t think through the text nearly enough. So let’s try this here.

1) Now is the time to unite the soul and the world.

Here we are talking about a special moment like no other – now. I think that’s a good attention getter. What is meant by uniting the soul with the world? IS that enlightenment? Awakening? Returning to a natural state of mind free of conditioning and life story? It is coming into a state of peace?

2) Now is the time to see the sunlight dancing as one with the shadows.

We have a second now, meaning these two sentences could likely be set as one section. Right now in my draft they are to different sections with contrast. I think I should change that. This seems to again be about finding peace by embracing the whole of life.

3) There is a morning inside you waiting to burst into the light.

Here we are ready for a new section. To get the new section prepared maybe the first section should have a clear ending. This is strong language and can be loud and I think with many divisi exploding out from something like unisons to go with the idea of bursting. I have some of this in my draft and it works well. Right now I’m using polytonality. This means something like you would have an extreme chord that is Eb major with the men and simultaneously having the women ding a d minor seventh. I used this particular polychord and I like it!

4) Love is a friendship that has caught fire.

Here we begin to go into the three statements about fire. I haven’t written anything about this. I have a “plan” to go heavy with plaining chords to paint fire. This means taking a shape of a chord, like a major triad, and moving around the score with only other major triads. This makes for fantastic harmonic twists if half is plaining and half is not, although if it is all plaining that’s fine too. And I think I’ll get into eight notes for some extra speed. The beginning is kind of slow. Dominated by half notes and whole notes. Alternatively I could just make a tempo change. I think the meaning of this quote is self explanatory.

5) Seek those who fan your flames.

This touches again on love in my interpretation, and other things beyond that. This is a imperative sentence, so this can be quite bold.

6) Set your life on fire.

Another imperative sentence that ends on fire. I can’t think of a much better word to end on than that for a flashy sentence. I think this is about awakening also. Stop living half asleep. This is about courage I find; embracing life somewhat like the sunlight dancing with the shadows. Embrace all of life. DO not hide from it. Be bold! And since we had another ending on fire the music can be a development from that of two statements ago. I ought to writing something flashy and inspirational and bold here. Again I’m thinking plaining chords. Maybe possibly tilt octatonic; cross bread with plaining.

Hopefully this isn’t too constrictive. I think these ideas are broad enough that it won’t trap me, but as I have noticed before I tend to not do what I say I am going to do.

I’ve never looked at a test this way before writing the notes. I wonder what will happen.