I haven’t been able to write the last yesterday or today because I am flooded with recording post production for Composers Choir. But I have the ability to at least listen to more chant. It is so beautiful. I’ve been listening to two pieces I think I mentioned before that have chantlike qualities, Britten Festival Te Deum and Howells Te Deum. They definitely have modern sounding chants. I’m going to try to be more old school with the chant and see what I get.

These two pieces have sections that are chantlike and sections that are not. They both start with what I am calling chantlike structures but then expand into more traditional harmony. Howells does something I like, the chant occasionally opens up into four part harmony. I think I might try this, depending on how the process unfolds.

Also, I don’t think i can copy Hildegtard style chant with modern notation very well, but I’ll do my best.