I’m redoing Now is the Time. I’m going to start off with chant, and then try some imitation sort of like a fugue but maybe not that strict. I think it fits the mood of the opening lines much better than my faster version build too much on harmonies. To prepare for this I’m on a chant listening mission. I am finding that the chants by Hildegard Von Bingham are very excellent so I”m going to bass my chants on her chant style as best as I can figure. I”m a pretty good composing mimmmic so I think I can pull this off. When the chant, which will start solo, starts to come into polyphony it will be modern and fresh sound I think.

This format will allow me to stretch the opening two lines more than it’s current version and have a sense of ancientness to it which I think will be effective. Rumi lived from 1207-1273 (pretty good life span for back then) so I think ancient will fit well enough. Hildegard von Bingen lived from 1098 to 1179 (another good life span for back then) and I think these are close enough in years to be effective. They come from different religions but I think that’s OK.

For this week I am post producing Composer’s Choir recordings so I might not write much for the next days but I will return.

What I don’t know is how I”m going to deal with the second “fire” half. I think this means I’ll come to a satisfying conclusion to the chant section and then have a significant different section. IF I can think of what this would be (as if I ever hold to my plans) I’d feel better. Maybe I can shift toward organum to some extent and just have a tempo change and start parallel fifths and fourths on top of more chants. That might do it. I don’t think shifting from chants to something blatantly modern will work. This would have to be a more modern chant though just to get the speed. It’s a hard task I think but I”m in this to learn so it will be good for me.