Be Still and I am God is about as done as it’s going to get. I think if I change anything now it would be a mistake. The only reason I would change it is that I’ve listened to it and gone through it so many times that I might find it too predictable and would want some juicy changes to make it interesting. That’s bad thinking though – I need to keep this fresh as if I’ve never heard it, or maybe heard it once or twice.

I’m going to record the whole piece March 3 as part of a submission to a publisher.

Wait a minute! There is one change actually. I think the entire piece is a whole step too low. Those low C’s will knock out so many choirs and I think low D’s might sound better. Low C’s are pretty severe. And the Sop only goes up to E natural, so moving that up to F# shouldn’t be a threat.

My notation program isn’t working so I would have to rewrite the whole thing up a step from scratch, but that is that I might do. IF it were working I could do this with a click of a button. Sooner or later I’ll learn the new program and won’t have this problem any more.

But my real point for this post is to say that I have no real germination for another piece just yet. I think I’m going to make another SATB piece for choir because I know choir music very well and run a professional recording choir. (The kid’s piece with the bass grove is going to have to wait – it’s not working out) So I feel like something is missing – there is a whole now that BE Still is gone. But I’ll find something – all I really need is to find the text. Once that is done the piece sort of writes itself.