Two days ago I woke up with some little thing stuck in my right eye. I pulled my eyelids around all over the place but I just couldn’t get rid of it. (It disappeared on its own a few hours later.)

This situation, redoing the third section of the piece, isn’t that bad, but it’s a bit the same. There is a sense of urgency that a problem needs to be fixed, and I can’t directly fix it no matter what I do.

The material I’m writing is more satisfying but it feels like it is pulling away from the ethos of the piece. Im going to have to blend in elements from earlier in the piece I think. Or I should say I have to listen very closely. I see a few points where some clusters can come back in – but they have to be legit. I have to listen to what I’m writing now with the same ear I used during the first two sections.

I hope to be back very soon saying I got it.