Confession. I’m realizing I’m not getting a full 20 minutes in per day but in these shorter bits I find I can be more certain I can do it. It’s really exhausting to do this and I just run out of gas! But with exercise I”ll build up endurance.

Today I worked on permutations. For example, I found a different way to roll through the inversion situations. Instead of inverting up one inversion all the time, I can do things like skip up two, then down one, then skip two and so forth. Or I can skip down two, then up one – same thing.

I’m finding that the harmonies are too repetitive. I need more chords. One thing I might do is chord mutation. This will make a million chords. This is where you take a chord and sneak the tenor down a note for the next chord, then maybe sneak the bass and soprano down for the next chord and so on. A classic example of this is Chopin Prelude in E Minor.

Today I was mutating down the whole time – but a permutation is that I could also do it going upwards.

But none of this is the real issue. The thing this piece needs is a melody to drive it – not chord progressions. I have two ways of deriving melody; one is to work it out in my head- that’s the ideal, and the second is to work it out by really listening to the piano and letting the sound guide me. The problem there is that I”m not %100 melody focussed – I have hands to worry about.

Today in the shorter burst I am tapping into something important. I found that I can compose effectively even when I’m in no mood to do it until I start. I think that’s critical. If I can get that one skill down that’s the most important thing I can do – more important than any particular piece.