I compose and conduct, and today I am conducting a recording session for the Composers’ Choir. It’s a give hour session in which we are going to record eight pieces.

Today we have a mixture of singers from around here (CT) and New York. Today we have a very powerful team – I never get the same exact group twice.

These are the days that come about through months of work. And they are exhausting – there recording sessions are by far the most intense thing I do in my year.

Today requires composer clients, a massive effort to schedule and find the perfect singers, and hours and hours of looking at scores. One piece today is the toughest piece I’ve ever conducted in my life. And it’s going to end up as a movie YouTube where you can see the choir sing and record the piece. This is the first time we have done this.

This is also the session where we are recording my 1 minute piece Be Still and Know that I am God. We have to get this done in about 5 minutes. This will be on video also and I’ll share it on this blog. If you watch that video, which I hope will be up in a week, you’ll see what Composer’s Choir does.

For those following about my composing, I’ll note that I’m finding some good videos that teach Sibelius and I”m probably going to buy the simple version of Sibelius for my composing, beginning with my children’s choir piece about spring. Composing is a lot of work but it does not rely on customers and other musicians at the time of writing. It costs nothing and there is no mass scheduling. I will likely turn to it after this session is over because there is so much leading up to a recording session that when it is over I have this hole in my life.