If it is true that I have a gift, a case can be made that I have a responsibility to use it well. I’m not saying I’ll save the world, but if I am the only person who can write the music I can write, and if that music has some innate value, then there is a responsibility for me to do my best to use this gift. Sometimes I think of defining musician as a person who works for music itself. I serve music. Not just the people but the actual art form. I help it if in any way I can. This is my responsibility.

This is something to think about because it means that I’m not just writing for me and my own well being, I’m writing music that can help other people. This gets me out of the center of everything. And it adds a flavor to the work ethic needed to do this.

Speaking of work: I think my spring song is as done as it is going to get on the piano. I have to write it down and determine the specifics. Right now it is a sketch. This means I have to learn a notation program, in my case this is almost definitely going to be Sibelius. I’m not looking forward to this, and it will take while but I’ve gotta do what I’ve gotta do.