The fact that this middle section of 8 measures took a few hours to write, and still isn’t quite correct, is a bad sign. IT shows that I don’t know what I am doing even though I sort of thought I was. What I am looking at now is near unsingable, adn that is a disaster, and furthermore I cannot account for why every note is in there. There is an element of chaos that is not welcome.

As per my prior post about Print Music, i think what I ought to do is redo this in the notation software that is stable. I can’t copy and paste this into the other computer – I have to write it all in from scratch. This time I think I need to start be really finalizing the beginning an then I think some of the same moves in this 3-4 hour 8 measures might be useful but by now it is gotten so complex that it is simply too complex.

Even the octanic opening (near octanoic) has a melody that is not A grade. I might have to start this over from scratch. But that’s OK because right now the only thing I am aiming to accomplish is the habit of writing most every day. If I do this for an hour or two each day it seems near impossible that I won’t be significantly better in a month or two. I haven’t been writing like this, about 2 hours most every day, for about 25 years.

Thinking more, not only might I rewrite this piece from scratch, I think I need to search more Rumi to find better text flow. Right now it is a bit disjointed. And my research for Rumi was very quick – it hasnt been through. I’d still like to end with “set your life on fire” so I think I can keep some of it, but overall the bits of quote are great by themselves but the overarching flow isn’t convincing.

So I think I’m going back into Rumi, and sticking with him is something I want to do, and take it from there. None of this is a bad thing. I am developing a composition habit and that is the point more than any specific piece so far.