I’m able to take the whole text and improv a piece surrounding it that almost holds water. I’m not trying to actually write it when I do this, I’m just familiarizing myself with the full text more deeply and experimenting with the musical language. I”m finding some permutations I can make to keep things developing. “Key changes” are unpredictable. I have to think twice to end up in my home “key” at the end – for me that’s important to do. Otherwise things always feel half baked to me. Must end in the key, which is an odd C key.

I’m finding that a really unusual chord, a minor major 7, is showing up in this piece. I never see these except a bit in Sweeny Todd. It’s a scary chord. And now I might get to use it.

I have to be on the lookout for divisi excess. This is already going to be a tough piece – if I end up with a bunch of big cluster chords it might make it too hard to publish. But maybe not. I don’t know – I’ll just figure it out when I get there. I still don’t know if I should keep publisher in mind or not. Artistically – maybe I shouldn’t, but practically, which is also artistically in the long run, I should.

I’m going to play around with this a bit more right now.