I am on the hunt for new notation software because all I have now is a no-longer-registered (?) Finale Print Music. It won’t save or print, so I”m on eggshells trying to write this Rumi piece because if I accidentally close the file I loose it al, and to print it I have to take screen shots, crop them and take them to Staples for enlarging, and make a sloppy PDF from those.

I hear most people prefer Sibelius and I’ve been trying out a version and getting completely confused. What I was happy to find is that basic Finale, aka Print Music, is available for a 30 day trial period although it only works on Windows and I have mac’s. My very old mac was having trouble and still does. It works but it is constantly indexing everything and that makes is slow and could mean it is about to break it’s own disk. It’s on a rampage!

But my mac has Boot Camp and I have a portion of it running as a PC. When on the PC side the computer is not acting up, so I now leave that computer over in windows most all the time and now and use this computer, a medium sized desk top mac, for everything else, including writing this blog.

So on what might be a stable computer I have a new Print Music that is wonderfully close to the old print music and I immediately know how to use it. It took about 3 minutes to figure out how to do all the things I do on the earlier Print Music. I might be able to avoid learning Sibelius which is great in my opinon. Even if Sibelious has some features that outdo Print Music I don’t care – Print Music has all that I need. I can use my imagination and skip an expensive library of sampled sounds. The primitive midi sounds are enough.

Also, Print Music is cheep Finale without limited function compared to full Finale which costs a lot more. Sibelious also has a cheep lesser version but it has bad reviews. Very bad reviews.

It looks like this problem I’ve been struggling with is over, provided the PC part of my old Mac holds together. The PC on Boot Camp also holds Samplitude, a rather complex post production (and recording) program that I’ve been using for about 6 years. If the PC dies I’ll have to deal with that also. Come to think of it, if the PC dies I either have to get one over here on this mac or just buy a PC. I much prefer Mac’s but I can live with a PC for these two programs.

Today is a good day.