I’m realizing that I have accumulated a bunch of composition maneuvers over the years. This means I can plagiarize myself to some degree as long is I don’t copy me exactly. That would lead to predictable composing. Right now I’m learning how to do this intense harmony tune driven, and some octatonic.

I’m seeing how my ability to understand exactly how I’m making these chords and building progression is gaining control. Specifically it seems good to have at least one second in the mix and if I don’t know what to do I take any given note and start stacking thirds on it. Then I get rich chords that are either polychords or something like a Eb13.

If I copy myself too much then all my music will sound the same, which is bad, but as I write I am growing my vocabulary, which is good. I need this vocabulary to be very broad. If this happens I can write many pieces that are all fresh but I’ll know what I’m doing. At least so far as knowing can occur – I don’t really know how it is that I write because it’s largely instinctual. Particularly if I have any sense of inspiration – I don’t know where it comes from.