After a few dark hours I have an opening tune that works well enough I think. I need to work out rhythmic details and put the text in. This means I have to start notating it, and that means I have to figure out how to use my 30 trial Sibelius that currently is confounding me. I”m not looking forward to this!!!

I found a very satisfying configuration of my big chord progression in the center. It sounds like it’s not mine – it feels like someone should have written this exact segment, note by note, sometime before. That is probably a good sign – it means it has good core strength. And it doesn’t sound stale – this is nota thing everyone has heard a milion times. It’s a little Hollywood, but I think that’s OK. It’s very triumphant and sensational.

And somehow in this section I roll through about 16 chords starting in B Major, with no plan, and it ends me right back on my home key of D Major. I have no idea how that happened but it’s a great thing. It may sound like I did something very calculated to make this happen but I didn’t. There is some chance that I had a hidden instincts for this whole progression knowing it would land on D but I think it’s just luck. My musical subconscious can’t be that strong. It’s rolling through keys the whole time with no intellectual guide of what goes to where – it’s just intuition. I’m very lucky.

Small note: I’m also realizing as I”m starting to sculpt this at higher resolution that I need to keep the soprano and alto kids part pretty high, say hovering around the C above middle C. The piano is so intense that if the kids aren’t constantly fairly high up no one will ever hear them. This is going to be a little tricky because it means I need to keep the tunes in a very small range, maybe from A above middle C to the E above that. But since the progression is rolling along I”ll very likely be able to get a sequense going on where the same material is happening and then happens again a step down, then a step down, then a step up, and so on.

New drama: I have a new fear about this not getting past the publisher – it’s that the words are weird. The words are about the song being a happy springtime song. It’s talking about itself. It might be seen as clever and fun, or might be seen as just unfunny, or might even be seen as disrespectful. I don’t know – but the idea of making a happy song for kids about being a happy song is my basic idea I’v been holding in the back of my mind for a few months so I’m sticking to it.

If this one doesn’t make it through Boosey or another publisher, I still feel it building up my compositional chops, fast, and that matters ten times as much as does this getting published. What I am dealing with here goes way beyond any one piece; I’m talking about a process of writing for a few decades to come.