I’m having writers block with the springtime song. I think I need a new opening. I love my bouncy piano jig but might have to go without it. It is harmonically restrictive, which means that I’m in a box while trying to get the melody. Writing a good tune needs to come from a place of absolute freedom, in my experience, and I seems to have fallen upside down because I have harmonic limitations trapping the tune. This is OK – the important thing is that I am writing. I’m going to try some fresh starts and see if I can get a better seed.

I also have an idea for an SATB choral piece floating around where I am going to take a specific musical element, like the interval of a fourth, and write a piece based as much on the element as possible. Among other things, this piece will give a coir a chance to really master this one element, say – a fourth, and can be seen as an etude. At first I was thinking about doing this with no text or my own text, but I think I want to find a text to set it to. It doesn’t need to be a poem, it could be a good line or two of pros. If the piece is going to be very tight, meaning I make the piece out of a small number of musical elements, having a short text would hit the spot because the text should be tight also, with a lot of repetition. I think I know which wrier to try first – Rumi. I learned of him from a professor in grad school and I think his poems have truly great ideas. When I get some bits of text from him I’ll share them here as I am choosing.