I have it notated now and I can live with it although I might want to change a note here or there. It can be tough to make changes now because eventually I will burn out on it and loose judgement and think everything has to be changed. That time is approaching.

This turned very much into composing at the computer after composing at the piano. When I compose on either piano or the computer I tend to get into a zone where my thinking is non verbal and it’s almost like my hands are moving on their own and I am watching my body compose music. When I compose in my head I tend to be walking – I wrote my number 1 seller which walking a 10 minute walk on a sidewalk and had most of the piece figured out (except details in the piano) by the time I got to my tiny apartment. That was an easy write.

This one now isn’t too tough but it has its challenges. I could do something with this piece like repeat words forever and forming somewhat of an abstract relationship with the words. I could have an extended section on the word “still” for example just repeating still for 5 minutes. Or I could write thee sections of whatever length I wanted by repeating “Be still” 20 times, then repeating “and know” 20 times, and then repeating that “that I am God” a few times.

There are a few things preventing this scope of work though. The first is that I need it performance ready by February 3. The second is that I am rusty. A third is that the recording session I have is always crammed full of work so I can only afford about 7 minutes to record this. It needs to be short and easy.

It has no traditional use for concerts because it is about one minute long. But I could write a suite of tiny pieces that you do all at once before people applaud,then it might have some currency in concerts. Or maybe this could be done in a church service, although it’s not long enough for something like an communion piece or the offertory. It could be an effective prelude or postlude perhaps. Another obstacle in getting this performed is the low bass C but I could adjust that. Also, if this is not done by advanced singers, people would need to sneak breaths. But there are places to do that.

Something it can effectively be is a really short recording. Which is what we are going to get, so I’m happy there.

I will likely sit on this for about one more day, then I have to deal with getting this sized right and scanned into a PDF to send to the signers which I should do no later than Tuesday.

My main observation though is that I actually wrote a piece. And in about two days it is likely that I will be done with this which means, if I want to be an active composer, I need to start something else.