I found this video online

It has three verses. I’m going to copy this text and extend Be Still to have three sections, making it a 3 minute piece. I wrote section two in one sitting just now. I think it’s a good section, and the piece has a clear enough tonal language that I think section three will be manageable to write.

For this my impulse was to start section two with some material I had from a piece that never got published called Crystal Songs. I just stole about 2 measures from it, then got into new material.

This extension is motivated by the fact that I like Be Still enough that I want it to have a shot of getting done in performance or maybe published.

I found a way to deal with writing by hand at the piano. Huge children’s manuscript paper!

My goal is to have this done by March 3 when I have my next Composer’s Choir recording, and do a real recording, not just a read through. So with luck I’ll have a piece ready to post around March 6.