The Choir did some work on Be Still in a session we had March 3; it was not enough work to have a recording of it, but it was some rehearsal for the future and a run through where I heard about 3 things that I realized I needed to change. I’ve changed those, so we’ll be ready to give this a real record in our next gig. I’m very happy with how Be Still came together. I think it is one of my strongest pieces.

I need to reevaluate the entirety of Now is the Time. Writing it so far has been a good exercise for practicing some new textures I haven’t used before and a tonality I haven’t used before but the flow is not right. What I am going to do now is try a reboot basing at least the opening half on chant. It needs mystery. I have this “need” to write a fast piece but this text doesn’t first with fast, at least not the first half. It needs mysticism, and I can’t think of anything better to express that than chant. It won’t be just a solo chant but built our of chant like some Durufle, most obvious in my mind being his Ubi Caritas. How to develop textures surrounding a chant is a new thing for me, so this will be good to do. And I might steel some material from my current Now is the Time piece which has it’s moments. This situation is not in any way bad; the only direct goal here is to be writing, and I am writing.