I’m working a bit with the words for the second section of Be Still. In a hymn there are the words “In thee, I Lord I put my trust.” For me this doesn’t work out right with my musical impulse so I may be making a fatal mistake but I am tempted to tamper with the words and make them:

In thee, O Lord I put my trust in thee.
O Lord, I put thy trust in thee.
In thee, O Lord I put my trust in thee.

If I do this I have section two done more or less. I just don’t like cadencing on the neutral vowel you have on the word “trust.” I like ending on “thee” and I love having an “O Lord” to work with. I could try to find another line of text completely but this does come from a published hymn and therefore has a connection.

For the third verse I think I’m going to just go back to Be still and know that I am God. There is no way to beet “I am God” for a cadence and I need the third section to match up to the first one in dramatic impact.

This is my plan.