I guess there is no mandate that this piece has three parts but it seems to feel right. SO I’m working on the final part.

I’m content with the middle section. I’m using a texture I got off an old piece that never got done called Crystal Songs where you have major chords shift up and down and a tune in the soprano doubled an octave lower with a baritone line. This is a good way to keep the harmonic language a but clustery and it fits with the opening part and sounds clearly to be the same piece.

For part three I have a strong instinct to start with a high loud “O Lord” chord, cluster free. This leads into a sequence that is a little predictable unless I start to modulate which is effective when it happens but I have no good way to get back to the home key yet and there is very little time because this piece is so short. Also, being high up, this third section may be too dramatic from the stillness in the opening as I set “Be still.” I think my ending is overdramatic for a short piece that starts out very still and humble.

Next I might try to flip it somehow, Foe example right now it starts high and goes down; maybe I can start medium and go up. OR I could switch it from being a loud cadence on “O Lord” to become an intimate cadence.

I think I might have to clean-slate the third section and start it quite differently. The good news is that my middle section sounds good now. It had a problem of aimlessness around F chords but I found I could get out of this just by inverting the last F chord up an octave.

I’m running the piece through in my head right now – I feel right now that I clearly cannot go that high and dramatic for section three. It’s completely disconnected from the opening section. And it’s too high – I think I might have to drop it an octave and go soft and slow rather than high and fast. That’s an example of a flip.