I realized I have the text out of order. The second section should be “I am the Lord that healeth thee.”

This fits find into the notes I have written, better than “In thee, I O Lord, I put my trust” so I am lucky on that one.

I go to meditations on Thursday and tried ot meditate with a quiet mind right when I was in composer mode. My silent mind failed to exist, I spent 20 minutes sitting up straight composing in silence with a room full of meditators. I hope this does not continue!

During my failed meditation I came up with a solution to part two – I found a better melody mostly be changing the last note to go up an octave. The middle of section two I like a lot. I jump up an octave and land on an E Major chord which supplies a G# which is a new pitch and only happens once. Pitch variety is an important consideration in composition. You don’t always want broad pitch variety but here this new note is very bright and very powerful. It’s a great moment.

I was also thinking that I should go to that third verse and not go back to the first verse. The last verse has an O Lord. which is great fuel. I”m switching it around to be “O Lord, I put my trust in thee” and then I won’t end on the dull sound of “trust.” I think I can get away with this.

Next I have to get the second section fully written out – while playing it on the piano I saw I had some missing notes, and then it’s on to section three.