Today I spent as much time writing as I did when I was young, or maybe more. When I started my reboot with piano improv I could only get a few minutes out before feeling burnt, but today I had hours and feel I could do more except my piece is finished.

I hope it’s finished at least because I’m still learning Sibelius and I wrote this on a ten year (or more) old version of Finale Print Music which, for some reason, now says I don’t own it and it cannot print or save.

I am in the middle of post producing a recording session, and to do that I need to reboot my computer from mac to PC. This means I had to get Be Still done fast because until it is done I can’t post produce. And today, after I thought were my final edits, I accidentally closed it, so the Finale file is completely lost and all I have are the PDF’s of screen shots, cropped and enlarged. But I have the full piece.

Today I did something that before I couldn’t do very well – make significant changes without destroying the piece. I wrote a new melody on section three, one that was high up reaching a long high A which is far higher than anything in the first two sections.

When it came to part three, the third verse of the hymn I am taking the text from, my first instinct was to go high and loud on the words “O Lord” but I didn’t know what to do with that energy once I went into it. So then I made a humble third section, but while going through the piece I could see that nothing was climactic enough, so I went back to the higher and louder “O Lord” and ended up with the section I have now. I’m wondering if it is too climactic for a three minute piece that starts very mellow, but I think I get there with enough energetic preparation that it doesn’t pop out.

I look forward to sharing the recording and feel kind of peaced out now that I have finished it. This recording will be done March 3.