This untitled Rumi piece is taking a lot of hours to write. I can’t be sure but I think I’ve spent maybe 3 hours writing 8 measures. I’m getting very tired of those 8 measures. And they are so complex now that most choirs couldn’t touch this. I think for even Composer’s Choir, which is all pro, it would be tough. I want to record it with them but I don’t know if I can get enough time in a session to do that.

This is very complex writing, it’s a stretch for me to write in 8-10 parts. And I’m not done. The chords are too boring rhythmically and I need to mix up the harmonic rhythm and / or write some passing tones. Or arpeggios. This section doesn’t have enough flow. I think this will be done when I directly get the text in there.

I did something in this piece which I never do – the first section that I really worked out was not the first section – it is the second. I do have a version of the first section, but I’ve been marinating in this second section so much that I might have left the ethos of the first section and I might not be able to link them. Then I’d have to writ a first section backwards after writing the second. This does not seem like a good thing.

I”m reminding myself where I was when I started the blog, and that was not long ago. I was saying how important it is not to get obsessed or over ambitious – I just want to get back into the habit of writing. Which I have done which means that the pieces don’t have to all make it, I just need to be writing. I don’t know if this piece is going to make it or not. But I’m starting to compose for hours a day, and if I do that for even two months I bet my composing will be sharper than ever. If I do that for a few years it is all but certain I’ll have many pieces that work just write. I’ll get things published and maybe have a shot at a competition submission.

The plan is working, but I”m not sure if this piece will. But that’s OK.