I have post-composing confusion and don’t quite feel like I know what to do with myself. I don’t think I’m ready to start another piece fora few days. I think I can get started in about a week. I’m going to write another choral piece. That’s all I know except that I’m going to start by looking for texts by Rumi. That may end up being a long process.

I do choral because as a choir conductor I know how choral music works. And I know of a few places that publish choral music and that is important. Also I can record these with my recording choir, which makes a submission stronger.

My solution is that I will now focus on post producing the most recent recording session we had. I am about half way done with that. It’s a trying process – it requires a lot of patience and careful listening. I have to find the right takes, that is the hardest part, splice everything together (usually not hard but sometimes it is) and balancing the 14 microphones which is less trouble than it may seem.

I have to put in a few hours a day. Post producing is kind of like composing in that it takes a great deal of focus and there is only so much I can do in a given day. This is particularly true when the computer is acting up! So soon I will take a deep breath and get started.