I have read that Music Theory, where you get very intellectual and logical about how music is built, has historically been figured out by people looking at past composers and seeing what they are doing. It is rare that a logical music theory is calculated in advance with the composing. There certainly are common “rules” that seem to govern how music is constructed for the pieces that we know about, particularly up to 1900 after which things got chaotic.

So I can see in reverse where my errors were. My main problem is that I was doing the wrong thing on the word “to” in “Now is the time to unite the soul and the world.” I was making one phrase into two phrases, which just didn’t work. The two phrases were sort of “Now is the time; to unite the soul and the world.” And that’s just not right. It seems simple but changing an idea in your head, maybe all the more so if you aren’t really aware of it, takes a lot of exertion.

I got my second phrase done today more or less. It’s easy because it’s in essence a mirror image of phrase 1 and has the same words and at this point rhythms (I might want to experiment with that)

Next I have a strong urge to have a section that is softer and where the voice parts are singing alternating and overlapping independently (polyphony) for some relief from the enormously loud and heavy opening.

Today I went through a version of the whole piece improv and it’s working out just fine. Next I have to test this polyphony and that is just plain hard to write, unless you write at the computer which is something I don’t want to do. That’s murder for my composing.

I forgot the hooded robes and candles today. Maybe I still need them but I’m not sure. At this point there is big momentum leading me through.