When I stick to my stacked fourths all the time the sound gets a little monotonous and it’s always a bit dissonant and that makes the piece a little exhausting. What I’m finding now is that I can still be in the stacked fourths but have passing tones which in this case create major chords – the passing tone puts you into the standard chord instead of out of it.

This piece looks like it is going to make it, but it’s fairly tiring managing the somewhat dissonant language. My compositional endurance is being tested. But as I get more familiar with what I am doing I think it’ll be much less tiring.

Another challenge is that the poem is a bit short. I don’t want to repeat lines but I think I can repeat phrases within the lines. Even doing that some lands me potentially at less than 3 minutes which I think creates a bit of a problem. Just when you are getting fully absorbed the piece is done. And Be Still is also less than 3 minutes. I think I mentioned this before but if I make a suite out of 4 or 5 of these then there wouldn’t be awkward applause breaks (you don’t want too many of those in a gig) So maybe that’s what I’ll do and give it some sort of title for the suite.

I have no idea what that title would be because right now I have no connection between the texts. Maybe I’ll just call it “Choral Suite” Then I can do whatever I want. I think if I go this way I need about 4-5 pieces. That’s going to take a while but I’m still only 42.