The musical element I mentioned in my last post was fro ma synth improv, recorded on some old type of recording device I have lost forever, was called Warlock and has a really heavy serious bass riff. This dates back to something like 2002. Out of paranoia I’m not going to say exactly what it is, but I will say that it uses again and again what’s considered to be the ugliest interval, space between two notes, that there is. That’s right – it’s the minor ninth! To here one of these go to a piano and play C sharp and then a C natural an octave down at the same time.

This is looking more promising than even Be Still. Within the framework I am uncovering (it’s as if I stepped into a building to discover architectural designs that were already in place – I’m not making this up – I’ve heard these ingredients before somewhere and in my head and the landscape is already asimilated even though I never wrote anything like this) there are lots of ways to develop material within – melodic and harmonic.

With this pitch set or group of pitch sets, you can more or less switch “keys” anytime you want to just about anywhere, so there is no difficulty getting into new pitch areas and no difficulty getting back to a home pitch. It’s all driven by the bass grove. I have the opening and ending roughed out already. I don’t think I often have a piece where I know the ending more or less right from the start, but here I do. It has flexibility but it’s going to be more or less this one move I thought up yesterday.

I think the choir will have some unison tunes that break in and out of parts – much like some English Cathedral music I conducted this past spring in the New Haven Oratorio Choir. One thing this does it that it lets you control volume – if we need to be loud, and I think this whole piece might be loud, sometimes you need a unison to deliver a melody and other times you want to break into chord with some really high notes to get your power there.

Another point to my readers and my self. This piece isn’t tonal – it’s modal or some non western scale. I don’t even know what mode(s) I’m in but I don’t need to – my ear just has a hunch for this. I know I know how to write this but I don’t know why I know as well as I do. I have heard things like this before but only a little – so it still has mystery to me. It keeps the creativity rolling as I write.