Another Be Still and Know that I am God

I youtubed and found this.

This is nothing like mine but it’s fun to hear.

Over on this video they have more verses. I don’t know if they are true verses or not – my first source didn’t list them. This means I could make a longer piece out of this but I think I’ll stick to the 100 seconds piece I have right now. MY idea that I had a dovetailed amen figured out yesterday might prove false. I’m finding it hard to dovetail anything in because it doesn’t happen anywhere else and I”m having trouble figuring out exactly what to do with words in a dovetail situation. Thinking more on this maybe I won’t have an amen at all. This piece might be too short for an amen.

I’m also seeing that I need to make choices for breaths. Right now there isn’t enough breathing time.

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