Getting back into this after a week off is going to take some time. I won’t loose the ethos but it’s a little foreign to me. Specifically I’m having trouble playing it musically on the piano. And I”m full of wrong notes!

The piece is very close to being mapped out. I don’t know if that’s a good thing. Actually I think it’s abad thing. It’s like flipping to the back of a murder mystery book – I already know what’s coming and that disincentivizes the pull to really get this nailed. I already know all the big moves. This means it boils down to strict work ethic. Strict work ethic is the main thing I need to uphold to be a composer full out. But come to think of it, the other important thing, maybe more important, is accountability. This blog helps with that. Something like a commission would be a huge jump up in accountability. Hopefully those are coming.