Another Be Still and Know that I am God

I youtubed and found this.

This is nothing like mine but it’s fun to hear.

Over on this video they have more verses. I don’t know if they are true verses or not – my first source didn’t list them. This means I could make a longer piece out of this but I think I’ll stick to the 100 seconds piece I have right now. MY idea that I had a dovetailed amen figured out yesterday might prove false. I’m finding it hard to dovetail anything in because it doesn’t happen anywhere else and I”m having trouble figuring out exactly what to do with words in a dovetail situation. Thinking more on this maybe I won’t have an amen at all. This piece might be too short for an amen.

I’m also seeing that I need to make choices for breaths. Right now there isn’t enough breathing time.

Some Progeress

I got locked out of my blog for a while – so I haven’t been blogging but I do have news. I”m started to compose like I used to – hours a day. I redid the end of Be Still and I think it’s better but I’m not positive. Maybe I can make it available in two versions.

I’m also working on that Rumi piece – I think it’s about %60 done. It’s hard. The tricky thing is that this is basically piano left hand and choir. Figuring out the piano right hand is tough – but it needs to be in there or else the piece sounds to barren. I think I’ll do this piece with Oratorio Choir next fall. I”m making sure it isn’t as hard as Be Still. And for once I have a piece that is kind of fast and percussive. Normally I’m slow and legato. Not here.

I have done some thinking and realized – I composed a lot but I never actually tried to be a professional composer. To do this getting pieces published is good but building relationships with conductors is maybe better, certainly as first. I have right now two choirs that I”m writing a piece for – no money, just seeing if we might like to do something bigger or more later on.

I’m also asking people I know that directly know conductors if they would pass along Be Still. Right now one of the singers did this successfully and I have a performance of Be Still coming up in a church I believe, and the same conductor is looking at my other sacred music. I’ve heard that composing is a people business. At first I had no idea what that meant, but now I see.


I dabble in buddhism and I think I have my answer. In Buddhism there isa list of 6 things to do with yourself – six tidbits of wisdom. The first one is generosity. And one of the forms generosity can be fearlessness. That’s what I mean. I don’t mean to say arrogant or brave. Bravery requires a situation where you are scared of something but you do it anyway. Fearlessness means there is no fear so it does not require any courage or bravery.

I’m thinking about a series on Netflix that I recently watched. The interpretation can go any way for you so I’m not going to say which series it is, but I will say the main actor was absolutely fearless. One thing he did is that he showed up in different disguises and personalities and accents, and every single one of those was fearless acting as far as I can tell.

This was inspiring. So many people have a background of anxiety or fear, and witnessing fearlessness fights this anxiety and is extremely inspiring. I’m thinking of how this relates to composing and that is a bit a of a puzzle to win, but I”d say in brief it means that you write pieces with no fear and really communicate exactly what you want to communicate. This might effect how fearlessness manifests and it doesn’t need to be an inspiration for music writing – it can be an inspiration for just about anything. Ultimately living your life. That, in my estimation, is why fearlessness is listed as part of generosity. So many of us, including me some of the time, have a background of fear that can be a dreadful thing that never leaves you.

If I compose fearlessly that’ll end writer’s block and increase work ethic. I now know what I’m trying to do. Inspiring fearlessness, or helping people find peace, is a beautiful thing. That is what I want to do.

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