Chant has the initial mission of helping churches that do not have choirs. This is a paid group, when we sing the arrangement is that we get $100 each per engagement. Rehearsals are not paid – I can’t quite pull that off. Yet.

Many of you may already be in church choirs, but rest assured we are going to look for services (or hold Evensong concerts) where we won’t always be Sunday AM. Nevertheless,, the scheduling of things is going to mean that not everyone is going to be in every gig. And since money is low, for the church in need, we might often be one on a part. Simple music done really, really well.

Weekly rehearsals are Sundays: 6:00-7:30. What we basically do is learn many staples, then give the venue a menu of pieces to choose from. Although they can definitely make requests. What this means is that there may be some weeks off and simply have our Rep learned and . That is my goal – I want the workload to be fair and manageable.

Currently we are based at Grace Lutheran Church in Hartford. They have been kind enough to give us free rehearsal space in exchange for singing for them a few times throughout the year.

Please enjoy our sample and also please visit Composer’s Choir – the parent company of Chant.

If you would like to set up an audition, please email Artistic Director Shaw at or call 203-859-4588.

Auditions are rolling, meaning you can audition any time.


Chant is a newly formed choir that is currently holding auditions for paid choral positions. Our primary focus is on supporting churches that require extra singers for special events, though we aim to expand our audience over time. We welcome members from all backgrounds and religious affiliations. Our mission is to foster community spirit not only within the choir but also in the wider region. We are based in Hartford and have a flexible rehearsal schedule to accommodate conflicting schedules.

In addition to serving churches in need, we plan to tour the region and offer the same or similar pieces of music to various churches. We are committed to sharing performance opportunities equitably amongst our members.

Chant would like to sing for you. We are a group of singers that can sing for you for a wide variety of occasions. We talk to each other to choose repertoire. No we don’t just sing Chant – although we do a touch.

Things are evolving and I am going to be doing some fundraising tp help you out, but before I can fundraise, we need to show the need. So there is nothing more powerful than a list of places looking for us I bet. I believe there is, and if you would like us to come to you should everything work out, please let me know and let me know if it’s OK that we are talking to you. This will strengthen fundraising and ultimately I want this to be free for churches or maybe other places we sing at, but for the time being the only way to survive is $100 per singer. We can function 2 singers or more.

If you have any interest in talking further please contact Founder and DIrector of Chant, Daniel Shaw at ?


Saturdays at 1:00pm

Hartford Community Church

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Monday, 12 June 2023

1:00pm - Church of the Holy Cross
Hartford, CT
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Would you like Chant to perform for you?

If your church or organization requires a choir, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We are happy to work collaboratively with you to curate a program that meets your needs and budget. Our fees are set at $100 per singer, and the number of singers required for your event is entirely at your discretion.