I have a pretty good idea for a loose map of what’s to come for Fire. I think it’s important not to make a tight plan – you need to let the sound tell you where it needs to go, so if you logically map it you are in trouble, if it’s tight. but I think I’m allowed to think key area’s. Right now I’m in the Bb section. The next task of the piece is to harmonize the tune I finished yesterday. I don’t know how long this will take. I have the first bit harmonized by accident. I had a different tune and harmonized that for a few measures, but then scrapped that tune. But I didn’t bother to erase the harmony, and it fits perfectly under the new tune. So I’ll keep that and use it as a guide for what naturally follows. Still a time suck though – just writing down the notes takes forever with my super sloppy hand writing on the score. SO I see what I have to do, I just have to actually do it.

Then we move down to Eb. This should be easy. Here instead of having a big jump that is dissonant I have a pure octave, which is super consonant. It’s a big relief at this point. Then I’m going to have a chord progression (no tune to speak of other than a general feeling of up) that clashes with the Eb’s and, in two waves, I think, reaching some high Eb chord. This I almost have figured out, even though logically I have no idea how or why I’m picking the chords that I am. But simple.

Then down to Db – this is touch because I’ve sort of maxed out on tunes and can’t do the chords like in Eb because I just did them, and also because I’m not sure if I want to do that more than once. So I’m think fugue / imitation which is the second hardest thing to do. Raw tune is the hardest, fugue is the second hardest. One escape plan is that I might make this fugue a lot like the early on in F; built of the same two main little these’s I have in there.

Then down to C. Here I really have no idea what to do. I may have blogged about this before. I have an idea with the text and that’s it for the final C section. The full line is “set your life on fire.” I want to make the word Fire appear in a big climactic event which means I should only have it once. So I”m thinking about building something, I don’t know what, so that the text goes “set your life, set our life, set your life” and so on, then “on” with a big anticipation, ant then going to a big “Fire!” on a high, loud C major chord, and then dropping it an octave making fire into a two syllable word (I saw someone do this with desire and it worked very well) and then have some low notes to close it off. So I have the very ending done. I just have to get there. I love the ending!