Fire can be seen pretty easily as a piece where sections are clearly defined by key, and key is savagely defined by my bass riff. So C1 F Bb and Eb are essentially done, leaving only Db and C2. for Db I think I’m going to write a fugue that’s a lot like the prior one although the text is different so that’ll change it up. I will try to take some of the little motifs (small bit of music) and expand on them. My fugue in F is a little out of control so I have to watch that also. Then what to do with C2? How about clusters! I haven’t used them yet and they sound pretty good in music these days. And since this is in a funky scale (at least when we hear it over hear) we’ll get some funky clusters I think. Then all I have to do is have something break the relentless 3/4 of the left hand and do something like 2+2+2+2+2+2 and then…..FIRE on two octave chords as a two syllable word and then my Chopin stolen absolute ending which is genius, and not mine. Ha!

I think I’ll have this within about 10-20 days. The actual writing it down takes more time than the writing of it. More or less.

I did put in 30 minutes today, so that’s worth something but I don’t think I actually wrote anything down, so that’s bad. I’ve heard two definitions of composing. One is that thinking about composing is composing. The other is pen on paper is composing. That’s the one I side with. I need to be using some ink.