It’s a good thin I got the piano tuned a few weeks ago because I’m on it a lot now playing LOUD stuff. Fire is the first big loud piece I have ever done. Maybe that is why I feel so flexible in it – I’m not locked into old patterns of thinking. The odd scale is helping me also – I can’t write the same tune fragments I do in major minor if I”m in this mode I am calling phrygian harmonic because it’s like the phrygian mode but has the upper 7 like harmonic minor. I am all but sure this is a well established scale, but I don’t know what it is. If you feel like it – play this. C, Db, E, F, G ,Ab, B natural, C.

Today I wrote a nice tune for the second line of the text, “Now is the time to see the sunlight dancing as one with the shadows.” This is good line but there is an annoying situation – it’s just too long to sing in one breath and there is no good place to breath. I’m going to have to breath somewhere that doesn’t kill the flow.

The next sections are coming into their own as well. I’m not sure but I think the second to last line might need to be a fugue again, or if not a full fledged fugue then something that imitates and is polyphonic. Fugue structure is pretty ridged, depending on who you talk to.

Here’s Fugue on Wiki:

I have the ending almost in place. I need to break the pedal bass idea where the bass is very steady and practically ignores the tune. SO I got my wat back to C for the last line, which is good, but when I get to the end I have to somehow get out of C pedal before the last chord. So what I do is go through the whole bass line of main structures, or you could even call it roots of different keys in a key structure – it’s like the piece is harmonically flashing in front of our ears as it reaches its close. And I also thought today that for the last line, “Set your life on fire” I”m going to write “Set your life, set your life, set your life on, set your life on…….Fire! Which will be one big C Major chord that starts high, drops and octave helped my making fire two syllables which is legal I think and then end with the BIG LOW C’S.

I’m also using my non-musical imagination again to see if I can get this process more flowing and sped it up. So I thought, I could maybe do this with one of my choirs that might have space for one additional piece. This means I have a deadline to finish it, say, two weeks, and then I’ll have a performance lined up and this will be key motivation for me to do it. It’s much better that just “send to the publisher.” And if the choir as an institution likes this, I could start writing and performing a lot of my own stuff. This can be big motivation and help my motivation drastically.