Today I realized that my semi-fugue imitation was full of problems. I think I weeded them out.

I’m at a tricky spot again, I have a section that needs a faster pace of harmonic rhythm as far as I can feel. It is dangerous to let harmony lead melody. So the fact that I have a change in harmonic rhythm in this section is a bit scary. By harmonic rhythm I am talking about the rate at which the harmonies chance. For example, if you are in 4/4 time and you change chords once per measure that’s a slower harmonic rhythm, and if you changed it every half note that would be faster, and then if you did every quarter note that would be faster still. There is a general pull in music to increase harmonic rhythm as the piece develops, and I feel a strong urge to do just that. What this means in my piece is that I need to change the bass line in the middle of a section, not just between them. We will see if I can actually do this or if the music pulls in another direction. I hope to get through this section today.