The idea of bringing Fire to Oratorio as a possibility is adding great clarity to the writing. It’s doing two things. This first is that, if we are to do it in this concert if there is time, I have to get it done really soon. That is focussing for me. Second, now I have some parameters to warn me about not making this piece too difficult. There is a section I want to do against the second to last pedal point where I get chromatic in a rise of chords that clash with the pedal tremendously to arrive kind of by accident united with the pedal tonality at the end. This might be too hard for us. If I do it I have to be really careful.

Real life limitations can be a blessing on composition – particularly because I don’t have a name that sells scores. People are taking a risk doing one of my pieces or more so publishing them because I don’t have a gold star (yet) So I need to make this doable by many choirs, not just Composer’s Choir for example.

Also to note – a huge number of famous pieces from the legendary dead composers were commissions for very specific things. In other words, a big percentage of pieces, which are now sung for any number of reasons or occasions, were written for something in particular. Writing just to make a piece that is going to land orphaned online is not good.

And writing directly to the publisher is risky for me now because I have a budding relationship with them and together we have not built a name yet. I think if I do really live a a composer, writing and the writing some more, in about 5 years I can become marketable – first because there will be so many pieces to try with, and second because I’ll keep getting better.

I’m not sure if Fire will make it onto the list – we might not have time to learn it. Then again, maybe we do and I’ve had pieces of mine in the program before so I don’t think there would be any blood spilled if I did it again.

The fact that I am in this position, where if I write I have possible immediate choral outlets to go to, is no coincidence. This is part of why I became a conductor. Only a part though.