I was looking over my last melodic passage and my handwriting was too sloppy to see what it was. So that was the end of that. But I went to the piano and got a new section and wrote it out almost in real time. Very fast, and it’s totally legit. I figure one thing that will happen if I keep doing this every day is that I’ll start to writing faster. For the big name composers, and I”m not saying I’m going to be one of them, wrote fast. Otherwise there is no way they would be as prolific as they were.

This piece isn’t that far away from being done. I finished 2/5 but the 3rd 5 I already have written – I just need to double check it and then type it into the computer. Typing things into the computer is a drag. It’s the most tedious part of the process. One thing that this allows is to hear the midi (computer sound) playback. That’s good for proofreading but bad for stifling the imagination (you burn it in your mind and that means it stays in one way for keeps) and accidentally writing something that sounds better on the computer but not better in real sound. It’s a hazard. Musical death by computer.