I’m not a 9-5 person. 9-5 jobs are really uncomfortable for me. But I do notice that when I’m working at home (which presents a host of challenges) my best functional hours tend to be from about 9-5.

Most every morning around 8:30 I have a Skype chat with my awesome assistant who helps me hold everything together for the choir. These meetings are fun and they put music work on my mind and make me feel nice and confident about my work. What I am going to try is to put a touch of structure on things. The plan is that whenever I finish a Skype meeting with my assistant I go directly to the piano and paper and work on, at this point, Fire. There will be no strict time of composing at first, just a specific time when I sit down and start. With this I”ll have the goal of making real decisions and getting things on paper every day – that’s more important than serving a specific time that I compose. That will naturally grow I think. Then I can report back on how things went here. I found so far that my predictions tend to never be accurate, but reporting after the fact should be indeed accurate.

I’m realizing I’m in a bit of a pickle. Fire, like Be Still, is just too short. I’m going to have to repeat text more often and stretch things. This is a major overhaul but I know I have the intro and first line done just right. This is the only part I have actually engraved in the computer. This means I won’t have to recompose anything for real, it’s just going to take longer. That isn’t too much of a threat because if I muster some discipline and clarity about my composing process I should end up getting better meaning in part faster.

Then my long term plan is to do this, likely for years, and see if I can establish enough of a name for myself that I start getting commissions. And more royalties. This will keep me from starving and I’ll have a good output of pieces which is a reward in itself.

It’s tough though!