I think one idea is that the dominant note of this piece is the low C on the piano. Everything goes up from there, and this makes it near impossible for me to go there from a Dc and have this be any sort of real arrival. So I figure my second to last chord, which doesn’t need to be last, should go below the C into low Bb. It’ll be a new chord that will bring some freshness to the table Then on the final C section I want to do staircase rising clusters. I don’t know how else to explain them, but I can say they will be crunchy.

I’m a little bit not sold on this because hte Eb section is doing a very similar thing. When I was driving I had another thought – STAB voicing. This is where the soprano’s and tenors sing one tune in octaves, then the alto’s and bass’s sing a tune. It’s just 2 part counterpoint – nothing to fear, and this will allow it to be extra melodic. Maybe that’s what I should go for.

I’m also realizing that my fugue in the F section fits almost perfectly note for note in the Db section. I have no idea why.