I was able to finish that polyphonic section (many tunes at once) without disaster. It’s sort of odd – the soprano and alto have one theme that gets imitated and the tenors and basses have a different theme that gets imitated. I hope that’s OK. To me it sounds fine, although I bet if all four voices were copying the same theme it would be more dramatic. But to bad – I”m just not doing it.

This polyphonic section I’m writing about above concludes the first line of text. There is a pretty obvious key change to Bb that I’m taking to for the next section. If I go with chords again this might be a quick write – I already have some in mind. There is something to think about though before I dig in. In the introduction there is a piano melody. Maybe I need some piano melody as a contrast before I get into the next section. But maybe not. I”ll have to see what the music calls for. It would be weird not to have the piano tune come back in a time or two in the middle or end of the piece, so maybe I”ll have that happen but I”m not saying it “should” happen or that it needs to. It’s nota plan, just an observation.

I might want to apply visual imagination on this again. Where is the piano? Who is playing it? Are they also in a brown hooded robe? Candles or spotlight? Right now I’m thinking no ancient cloths (robe) because the piano is not an ancient instrument. I have to decide which piano player I know that could be on the keys. I think the more fully I imagine the actual the better. Maybe I’ll add some incense. And maybe the audience is not like the concert audiences I see. Maybe they are all kneeling in the pews. Or maybe I just think of one person in the audience having a profound reaction. Maybe a grown up, maybe a ten year old. Maybe a 10 year old me that has no idea I wrote it.